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Friday, September 30, 2005

Malèna (2000 - Italian) ... a review....

I have never written any review before this, nor the thought passed by. But, being an Indian all my childhood and now, getting to read, feel, touch, brainstorm, argue and contemplate on the European minds and culture, I thought I need to write this. There was a hindi movie, "Ek choti si love story" that was inspired by Malèna, but it blewoff somewhere and nobody noticed it, such was the movie. But this has the magic of narration, world war, monica belluci (she truly looks hot, extremely) ,the kids fantasy ofcourse and more importantly the emotional touch drives the flick. This was my first take at an Italian movie.
On the raw, it is a story of Malèna(Monica Bellucci), a married Italian woman who is extremely beautiful. The whole town of Castelcuto drools over her when she walks by, but she is as true as one can be at heart and to her husband who is away to fight the war. There is the kid, one among them who loves her the most and never ever tells what he had for her. In the background, World War II begins. Mussolini declares war, while Renato( Giuseppe Sulfaro, the kid who is our hero) races through the town on his bicycle, stalking Malèna. She is the object of his desire, and he does not care about the rest of the world. Indeed, Renato still does not seem to care, even as an old man, narrating his tale for us in the form of a nostalgic look back at his first love. There were flashes of mixed emotions and opinions of the drama being shown while I was walking through the movie. At a point, I thought it is rediculous, showing such obscenity on screen, the zoomed boy bent on a lady who is almost twice his age, this fantasia that touched high valent degrees seemed unacceptable. The school going kids line up along the street to watch Malèna , who has “the most beautiful ass in Castelcuto,” stroll by. Our hero, our narrator, Renato watches her too, and his pants swell in response. Even more horrifying is the fetishism of surrealists, this kid imagines feeling her when she walks to him nude, kissing her when she down and abondoned by the society and asks her to give him some time so that he can growup. I throw myself from my chair, my inner self refuses to accept this. What the hell are they trying to show the world?? .... I halt the movie, my eyes closed I think over, how the hell can this happen at a tender age, and I forget that I am an indian for a while (or atleast the indian ideologies one owes to follow) , and thinkover gathering all my encounters that i have had with the europeans the last three years, and open my eyes in astonishment. Whatever they have shown is the naked truth and the darker reality. I have been pretty close to some europeans here and have known their minds and acts. It seemed to me that the line drawn by the director of the movie and he one i drew somehow virtually met. I continue the movie accepting the sentimental reminiscence of childhood, weepy and nostalgic trivialization of facism and reddish adolasence. Malena´s husband dies in the war and this shatters her already shattered life. She has no one to turn too, she cant trust anybody and she knows that everybody in the township are greedy wolves betting their lives to have sex with her. Every lady is jealous of her because of her beauty, and the fact that their husbands are bow bent on her. Now that she has left deserted, every woman doubts if she is sleeping with their husband and spreads rumours tagged with garbage on her character. But its only our school kid Renato who knows the truth as he spends most of his day following her on the bicycle and spying on her peeping through a hole in her house. Things get so out of hands that she has to fight a court case and her fat and blustery lawyer tells Malèna that it is time to pay up - and he rapes her. Later, it is the turn of a vendor who promises her to give food and in the end rapes her while Renato helplessly weeps seeing through the hole. With the modicum of embrassement, as Malèna’s fortunes, and those of Italy, fall, she dyes her hair blond and whores herself to the locals and Nazi officers. Indeed, Renato’s trip to a brothel (with his father’s approval) to finally relieve his sexual frustration over Malèna coincides with the arrival of the Allied forces in the town. In other words, there is no Fascist crime that cannot be fixed by a good screw. When the Allies arrive, the local women turn on her viciously, their long-standing jealousy turning to rage, beat her up and she is forced to leave the town. As the story takes a turn, her husband arrives with a missing arm to find his house turn into a refugee camp. Not bold enough to get face to face, Renato writes him a letter mentioning the truth about his wife and her plight. The story ends as the narrator(Renato) quoting, " I have made love with many woman and they have turned back and asked if i remember them. But the one whom I loved the most and passionate never asked".
At the end, I would have hated myself if i had stopped it in the middle. It has an exceptional emotional touch, reveals the dangerous Italian flitration with facism, answers question such as "does pornographic gaze and nostalgic gaze overlap?", the european hyperrealism and much more. But the only prerequisite - dont compare it or yourself with indian ideaology (not sure if its followed though) with this movie. If at all you are grownup and happen to get this movie, go see it !

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting tagged ..... SEVEN THINGS.

Im a sport when it comes to tagging. This time it was Divya

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. To make all my mamma´s wishes come true.
2. Visit the 7 current wonders of the world (my count is 3 as of now)
3. Short term one - Finish the grilling project that im working on.
4. Long term - Build my own Robot or my own concept dream car.
5. To be a part of an authentic rock band.
6. To sit in Walter Lewin´s lecture hall (well... it would be kindof a dream come true to listen to him)
7. Chand tare tood laaon ... saari duniya parmein chaaon ... bus ithna sa khwab hai .... bus ithna sa khwab hai... !!

Seven things you can do
1. Sit in front of the computer for days together .... continuously ... no kidding here!
2. Not sleep for 70-75 hours at a stretch (i´ve done it...!!)
3. Sleep 18 hours a day (even this....but not at a stretch ofcourse) ... can be terribly lethargic
4. Skate (roller blade) from Germany (from my house to be specific) to Netherlands and Belgium ( done this too...!)
5. Have conversations with anyone and everyone (... like divya)
6. Smell hydrogen sulphide from a mile
7. Always find an excuse for not doing something...:-P!

Seven things you say most
1. Dude
2. Shit
3. Sheisse (shit in german :-D)
4. What the F**k
5. Ach so (German equivalent of I-see)
6. Seeti bajgayi
7. Huh!!?

Seven things you can't do
1. Cant take anything sarcastic
2. Cant play DTM with both my hands (its a German car race and people find it astonishing when i control the car by one hand but everyone use both their hands. Ive tried using both my hands but have always crashed)
3. Cant get to bus stop 5 mins early ..( i´ve been spotted running behind the bus and getting in just before the driver closes the door ... DDLJ style ;-))
4. There are a specific set of people to whom I cant say "no", be it anything.
5. Cant take a decent catch ( Im miserable fielding on the cricket ground .. buttery finger basically)
6. Cant stop laughing my ass off whenever I come across a pic of honorable president of USA, George Bush
7. Cant stop loving you (MUHAHAHA...!!)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1. Hair (straight long silky hair .... just like mine ... :-D)
2. Height
3. Figure ( most important *wink*)
4. Open mindedness
5. Good sense of Humor
6. Sometimes being witty
7. Talkativeness (Im a good listener .. i love the ones who go on chatter putter chatter putter)

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Anne Hathaway
2. Eva Longoria
3. Mary Pierce
4. Penelope Cruz
5. Nandita Das
6. Heidi Klum
7. Bhumika Chawla

People I want to tag…well, How about Pinks, Sadik and Silkymoon

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Interesting..... Saturday Night (F)ever

I had never gone to a discotheque in germany before yesterday. There is this very good friend of mine Nicholas. He is from Greece and pretty big about pickingup girls and being cool about it. On friday evening we were at a restaurant eating Doener Kebaap (its a turkish recipe) and sipping my favourite Heferweisen (the best german beer) and I was just telling about the time I spent in India last november, the stint that happened at a discotheque in Bangalore with my sister´s friends (no kidding- they are girl rowdies!!). Something happened to him and he wanted to get to a disco, and the messedup part is he was so adamant on me to accompany him. I told him loud and clear that I donot know any girls here and I´m really poor at pickingup girls(truely true). And in my mind im thinking will any girl be interested in shaking her ass with a dumb indian (sad but true, indians feel really hard to get a german girlfriend and its almost impossible.... because 1) color factor - we are brown 2) physical outlook - you know, short stout with a funny ascent). After a while of fighting over it,i told him right out "look dude, im an indian and and its very hard to pickup a girl and im really miserable at that, i cant do it, thanks for the invitation". He goes "come on man, you dont look much like an indian. You are 6 foot tall and with a long hairy attire u look more like a brazilian or a mexican" (actually true, many people have thought if i am from brazil) and he promised me that he would come back with me if i dont find a girl.He made me agree on the deal.

Then came saturday and i was soo nervous. Two bold guys stepped into the discotheque and he just wanted to get on to the dance floor and try your luck. I was so mad about doing that but i have no choice (in my mind i thought "anjan, saale aaj tu pitega"). One time I danced with a certain girl a few times, and didnt say much. Finally, she said to me, " Du macht das gut" ... which is in english " You dance very nicely". Initially i couldnt makeout what she said-she had some difficulty in speech.

After a couple of dances we went over to a table where a friend of hers had found a boy she was dancing with (i think) and we sat, the four of us, together. One girl was very hard of hearing, and the other was nearly deaf. A couple of dances more, we´re sitting at the table again, and when the two girls conversed they would do a large amount of signaling very rapidly back n forth, back n forth, grunt a little bit, but that didnt bother me, the girl danced well and was a nice person and also there registered a soft corner in my heart as she was almost deaf. They go signaling again and tell me something which I gathered means, she´d like us to take them to a hotel. I ask the other guy if he wants to go. "Was!!? Sie willst im restaurant gehen... aber warum?" he asks. Which means "what"? they want us to take them to a hotel .. but why?". And how the hell would i know, but other guy is afriad, so he says no. And I no way wanted to take them to a hotel myself and i told them that i have a friend and if he comes, im game. I search for the dancing greek, i dont find him, so i call him n he says, "Anjan!! ... menssch... unglaublich .. dass ist richtig spass" meant "Anjan .. mann ... this is unbelieveable fun" and i learnt that he is already with a girl in a restaurant. I was like what!!? how could u do that to me, virtually showing my middle finger. He was supposed to be my wing man. But he told me that he saw me with the girl n was confident that im on my own. But all my inexperience converged n i asked him "dude, this girl wants me to take her to a restaurant and im scared"( ill stop german here an continue only in english). He asks me to growup n go ahead, she wouldnt rape me atleast. I thought, crossing my fingers, ok!! let me take this risk and praying to god, i agreed.

They took me to a restaurant just down the street and she pointed to the building and said "thats where we live" . And as we walked into the restaurant right beside the building they told that was the school for deaf and bumb, and restaurant was for specially for them. All the people in the restaurant belong to the school believe it or not. And to my surprise she told that todays discotheque was organised by the deaf n dumb club. I was like "WHAATT!!?"" ... how can deaf n dumb feel the rhythm enough to dance to the music n applaud the DJ at the end of each number.
It was very, very interesting! I felt as if I was in someother world and everybody was talking with signs to everybody else, and I couldn´t understand anything! I asked my girl to teach me some signs and I learned a few, like you can learn a foreign language, just for fun. I had a wonderful evening yesterday and learnt a lot.
I came home n threw myself on my couch, with a lot of satisfaction!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ekdum Bollywood istyle here .......

Ahmedabad, September 11: For Sneha Patel, a 19-year-old college-going girl, everything is fair in love. Even if it means signing a contract marriage with her minor boyfriend’s elder brother for the time being, an arrangement that will ultimately allow her to marry the man she loves two years later.

It may be a rare case but Sneha has done it. As her boyfriend, 19-year-old Yash Kishan Parmar, will take another two years to reach the official marriageable age, Sneha had to find a way out that would enable her to be with Yash now.

That led to Sneha proposing to Yash’s elder brother Dharmesh and tying with him the nuptial knot that will be in force for two years.

A resident of Asarwa, Sneha eloped with Yash in July after her mother opposed the relationship on the grounds of caste differences. The duo went to Mount Abu, from where though Yash was regularly in touch with his parents, Sneha kept aloof.

But soon the two realised that they would have to remain in hiding for two years before they could officially marry each other. That two years also meant that they would have to break their studies. At that point the idea dawned on Sneha who made a proposal to Dharmesh. Dharmesh, 23, was not married.

‘‘Sneha requested Dharmesh to marry her and also sign a contract stating that he will divorce her when Yash becomes an adult,’’ says Inspector H Rajput of Shahibaug Police Station. Dharmesh’s parents accepted the idea. They then arranged for the marriage of Sneha and Dharmesh at a temple in Vasna.

According to the arrangement, Dharmesh treats Sneha as his younger brother’s wife. He will sign a divorce paper when Yash turns 21, thereby allowing Yash and Sneha live as husband and wife under the law.

Full story >>

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sparrow feeding in Paris

I spent my weekend in Paris. It was a dream run, apart from the immense and comprehensive collection at the Louvre museum, it was the sparrow feeding at the gardens just outside the louvre. Normally the sparrows feed on grains, but when is not available their diet is broad and adaptable. These little creatures preyed on the worms and insects in the bushes of the gardens. It took me some time to get friendly with them. I held out a piece of bun, with my arms stretched I stood there. The first 5 mins they ignored me, as I set an example of a fool to the on-lookers. Just when I wanted to giveup there came this guy, on to the chow, ripped apart a fluff with its pink beak and flew back. That had given me enough encouragement and there came another one who came close to grabbing a mouthful but didnt. The next one was bold enough to support his claw on my finger and let his break do the bussiness. And in a minute, I had a group of sparrows around my hand, taking their bite turn by turn in an organised way. This painted a smile on my face, and on the people who noticed this unusual scene. They waved and smiled at the picture. After a long day visiting the louvre, searching and running across my favourite works, this was indeed recharging and I never noticed I had finished 5 of them.

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