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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting tagged ..... SEVEN THINGS.

Im a sport when it comes to tagging. This time it was Divya

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. To make all my mamma´s wishes come true.
2. Visit the 7 current wonders of the world (my count is 3 as of now)
3. Short term one - Finish the grilling project that im working on.
4. Long term - Build my own Robot or my own concept dream car.
5. To be a part of an authentic rock band.
6. To sit in Walter Lewin´s lecture hall (well... it would be kindof a dream come true to listen to him)
7. Chand tare tood laaon ... saari duniya parmein chaaon ... bus ithna sa khwab hai .... bus ithna sa khwab hai... !!

Seven things you can do
1. Sit in front of the computer for days together .... continuously ... no kidding here!
2. Not sleep for 70-75 hours at a stretch (i´ve done it...!!)
3. Sleep 18 hours a day (even this....but not at a stretch ofcourse) ... can be terribly lethargic
4. Skate (roller blade) from Germany (from my house to be specific) to Netherlands and Belgium ( done this too...!)
5. Have conversations with anyone and everyone (... like divya)
6. Smell hydrogen sulphide from a mile
7. Always find an excuse for not doing something...:-P!

Seven things you say most
1. Dude
2. Shit
3. Sheisse (shit in german :-D)
4. What the F**k
5. Ach so (German equivalent of I-see)
6. Seeti bajgayi
7. Huh!!?

Seven things you can't do
1. Cant take anything sarcastic
2. Cant play DTM with both my hands (its a German car race and people find it astonishing when i control the car by one hand but everyone use both their hands. Ive tried using both my hands but have always crashed)
3. Cant get to bus stop 5 mins early ..( i´ve been spotted running behind the bus and getting in just before the driver closes the door ... DDLJ style ;-))
4. There are a specific set of people to whom I cant say "no", be it anything.
5. Cant take a decent catch ( Im miserable fielding on the cricket ground .. buttery finger basically)
6. Cant stop laughing my ass off whenever I come across a pic of honorable president of USA, George Bush
7. Cant stop loving you (MUHAHAHA...!!)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1. Hair (straight long silky hair .... just like mine ... :-D)
2. Height
3. Figure ( most important *wink*)
4. Open mindedness
5. Good sense of Humor
6. Sometimes being witty
7. Talkativeness (Im a good listener .. i love the ones who go on chatter putter chatter putter)

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Anne Hathaway
2. Eva Longoria
3. Mary Pierce
4. Penelope Cruz
5. Nandita Das
6. Heidi Klum
7. Bhumika Chawla

People I want to tag…well, How about Pinks, Sadik and Silkymoon

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