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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Movies and more Movies

I have seen some very good movies over this month. I dont know for sure if it is a revolution in Indian cinema, the directors are giving some work to their brains or I have been missing out on good cinema.

Salaam Bombay

The history of the making of Salaam Bombay is almost as interesting as the film itself. The filmmakers gathered a group of the street children of Bombay and talked with them about their experiences, visiting the streets and train stations, bazaars and red-light districts where many of them lived. Out of these interviews emerged a screenplay that was a composite of several lives. Then many of the children were enlisted for weeks in a daily workshop, not to teach them acting, but to teach them how to behave naturally in front of the camera.
The movie dedicated and of the street children of Bombay, is of a 10 year old Krishna who comes to bombay to earn Rs. 500 and ends up whipping through the grimes of the bordellos of Kamatiputra. A wonderful capture of emotions when he waves across experiences of first love, disillusionment and death. Unparallel performances by Shafiq Sayed, Raghubir Yadav and Nana Patekar. Im surprised how I missed such a good one for all these years. For all the ignorants like me who slipped off this, do see it now to give yourself the feel of a coming-of-age movie.
PS: Shafiq Sayed, the kid and hero now is an autorickshaw mechanic in Bangalore.


This movie is neat, really neat and rocks. I would rate it as one of the better mystery´s of Bollywood. Though it is a desi version of Usual Suspects he maintains the crispness and never bores you. The movie is like a rollercoaster ride with lots of twists and turns, tossing between hitting the demons and angels; A thought process of a lawyer saving a bunch playing guessing game if they were the men with mask. The narration in the movie is good and the ending is not origional. Take a break in this Mallika Sherawat era and give it a look.

Anukokunda Oka Roju(telugu)

I always used to criticise my mom for showing interest in telugu movies. Most of them lack origionality, basically they all suck. But this one is exceptionally unique, sharp direction and an intelligent screenplay and its all origional. Its a story of a girl next door who happens to go to a party and gets drugged unknowingly. Things are no more normal after she getsup in the morning on her pallet. There is a taxi driver who supposedly has unsettled business, she sees a murder right in front, a friends brother tries to kill her. The story is all about unveiling the mysterious happenings that occurred on that night where she went to party. Each and every character in this film is carefully etched and with a purpose and the incidents are interlinked with an element. If at all you can understand telugu, you know which one to pick.


At once, my heart felt heavy, had a lump in the throat and I just didn't have anything to say. And I guess that speaks volumes about the film. The story line is a school going girl whos father is a rowdy sheeter who falls in love with a scooter mechanic, and this paradox of love get overboard with love through their journey. The film is a documentary on love with the realism that captures its fine subtleties, the nuances of body language and the freshness of life of two people in love and their bitter-sweet pangs of growing up and trying to live together. It is as close as one can get to real world. Not even for a minute you feel that you are seeing it on a screen, while the story takes you to the scences of tamil nadu. The freshness is because the two leads is enacted by two no-namers and the hero is packed with dirt and grease mostly. Tucked with amazing performances, its all worth it if at all you shed a tear drop or two, after all you have learnt the hard facts of truth.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

My Nephew

Thats him ......

He is 15 days old now, has learnt a lot and taught us lots as well. This is what my brother-in-law had to say about his son.
  • Sleeps all day and gets up in the night, just when my sister falls asleep.... practicing murphy´s law
  • He wakes up the neighbours too when he opens his eyes..... u want revenge? make him your guest
  • He is already clever; stretch your fingers for him to hold, he doesnt. But Roll him a hundred rupee note and get it near his tiny fingers, he latches on to it..... shabash mere jeeteh
  • Finds the comfort zone only in my sisters or my moms arms. The others try getting near him when he is in bad mood, you get it.
  • Already started demanding luxury. Put him on the floor, crumples his face; take him on your lap, he smiles..... my BIL is thinking of starting a side business now
  • Damn scared of my cousin brother. If at all he senses him in the remotest of distance, he starts crying...... they have named him shakuni mama
  • He loves water. Never cries when they bathe him pretty cool right, .. i´ve heard babys howl
  • Hates make-up. Keeps tossing his head when my mom gets the baby powder and other stuffs .... good boy :-D.
  • A big flirt. Has his eyes wide open when my sisters friends´ are around (most of them are unmarried)..... patha nahi jawani mein kya kya karega
Itseems he is a little bit of everybody in the family.
  • Sleeps like my sister.
  • Thickly featured like my brother-in-law (as of now... cuz changes are witnessed till 3 months)
  • Has my body language, and relatively long arms/fingers n legs/toes ( is very identical to mine, when i was a baby)
  • Sneezes like my mom (silencer fitted)
After a thorough study of his astological facts and figures and the rest, my BIL family priest cum guru has suggested his name to start from "Pu". Even after turning down the fight put up for a little more degree of freedom and flexibility by my BIL and sis, my BiL´s dad stands adamant.
So please suggest some pleasent and meaningful boy baby names from "Pu".

PS: the pic was taken when was 3 days old.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Here I am

I still survive
in the whirlwind tour of life
losing the hug of your palm
elbows kissed in calm.
My little finger robed
by your fingers
shrugged my spine.
Like an achelmist
you placed warmth
on my survival.

The saw slushes deep.
As these knives of ice
in the whirlwind
pierce through my eyes,
tears trickle down.
But i swear on you,
it doesnt pain.
It only pains,
when i hold my tears.

I still survive
like this!

music: Bombay theme - Bombay

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hair Update

Finally im celebrating the challenges nudging my hair to what they are today. Its been exactly one year I´ve had scissors anywhere near my hair. Well, this is how they looked after a long hot shower last sunday. Arent they silky silky? and im really proud of them. They have given me numerous identities, variety of feel, multi-dimensional looks and most importantly they have kept me warm from winter. I always had this bit of adoration of long hair but never even in my wildest dreams i dreamt of these slapping on my shoulders. It started off with getting over depression of paying 9.5 Euros on a hair cut every month. Two months passed by, and i thought let me push it a few more days .... 3 months, what the heck?, ill get a hair cut this weekend. So on and so forth, i kept giving lame reasons to myself. But to be honest, it was really hard on me the 4th and 5th months. The transition period from lot of hair to long hair is really sad, it makes you look some ugly alien with a thick dark jungle above the forehead. But luckily that phase was a crucial peroid of my career when i had to sit in closed doors and work on it. So, the sun hardly saw me during that peroid and it was very easy as i didnt have to show my face to anybody. Once it grows over this ugly looking step, its easy. Thats when one can start playing with it, with a little styling gel to obeys all the laws you make. From then on, you rule. From then on i have loved my hair than ever before. From a typical indian, i started looking like an brizilian to few, and like a mexican to others. While some loved this look, some refused to see my face. To some its cool, and to some i looked much much better with short ones. Especially my family back home, i have stoped sending my snaps or switching my webcam on. Every conversation with my mom starts with "Anjan...... when are going to get your hair cut?". So, i wouldnt be surprised if i find a couple of barbers ready waiting for me in the airport on my next visit to india. Its been like the europeans liking my current looks and indians the shorter version of the hair. But honestly i dont care about looks, i have healthy hair (which many girls yearns for - silky, shiny and no split ends) and i want to tie it up.

Below are a few resemblences with a few known personalities at different stages as observed by me and the people around me (and its only with respect to my "hair", not the looks or personality or anything else)
  • Shahrukh Khan´s in Pardes
  • Shoaib Akthar (when i badly needed a shower)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam (in the worst phase)
  • Nagarjuna in Geetanjali
  • Purab Kohli in My brother Nikhil (well this is not the best pic that resembled but couldnt get a better one)
  • Shakthi Kapoor (Crime master Gogo) in Andaz apna apna (NO PIC AVAILABLE)
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Prashant (a tamil movie star)- with long ones in the movie College gate (NO PIC AVAILABLE)
  • David Gilmour ( during his early years)
  • Vikram (tamil movie star) in Anniyan (just after a shower ... lol!)
  • Antonio Banderas (this is the closest I can get to)

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