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Friday, December 23, 2005

Not at home

I wont be around till new year. Im visiting a friend in south germany, and will be touring around in the black forest and the alps region. Lots of winter sports happening, and am looking forward for it. The first time i will be stepping my foot on switzerland.
Wishing everybody merry christmas and a happy new year!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The feel of words

Im not sure how many of you understand punjabi. If you can, read on and feel it ...... (you can also listent o it here.... the 5th one). This is one of my favourite ......

layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
maine maarda jahan mainoon sara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi

sochiya nai si mera pyar bhul jayengi
hoo, sochiya nai si mera pyaar bhul jayengi
aine chitte kithe hoy qaraar bhul jayengi .... qaraar bhul jayengi
dil mil ke bichhad gaya yaara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi

o.. sachcha rab rakha muh mod jaan vadiye
sachcha rab rakha muh mod jaan vadiye
dil laike mera dil tod jaan vadiye...... tod jaan vadiye
hay, dil tutya na jude dubaraa
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
layi vi na gayi tai nibhaayi vi na gayi .......tai nibhaayi vi na gayi
maine maarada jahan mainoon sara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara
teri meri yon tut gayi soniye, jiven tutayambar ton tara

I gave you the words because the lyrics on raaga is bullshit; never knew such a reputed service would screwup like that, so wrote it on my own.

Birthday party Update: I screwed it up big time. Here is what happened (I decided on Kal ho na ho one).... after two successive takers, went up to her, she started blushing; though i would kneel, then moved against it, tried to look into her eyes (but couldnt.... as there were one thick, one not so thick layers of ophthalmic lens ), i set it up all in my mind and above, ..... "Mein aankhen bandh kartha hoon to ..... Phhhhbtttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!". That was the end of it, I realised such a bad actor I could be. Anybody needs an audition?

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another One .....

you're ross...even though you whine a lot, your
friends can see through it to the genuinely
intelligent and caring person you are on the

which Friends character are you?
brought to you by

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

SRK Quotes

Next saturday is one of my friends birthday, and this is what her husband has in surprise for her. She is a die hard fan of Shahrukh khan, apparently has seen all his movies from DDLJ. She has wept through all the times when he has been beatenup by the bad guys, or loses his love, or housed the villians bullets in his chest. She has refused to see the last 20 mins of Kal ho Na ho. She dreams about him virtually every day and her poor unfortunate hubby had to sit through nights when she would dream and scream, "Shahrukh, I love you". He has been her wallpaper and screen saver at home and lab for years. What more can i say... do we have a competition here?
But there is a competition up on saturday in the birthday party. Its an only desi party with lot of desi music, talks and recipe. So each of the desi should come with a SRK quote in mind and tongue. There woulde be a segment when each of us should go to her and deliver in SRK istyle, be as SRK as possible and the focus is to woo her and get her high on emotion (brave guy, i must say.... or wants to get rid of her?). Ofcourse, the best one walks away with a filmfare award. So, this weeekend i was jobless enough to make a search for his heart quenching dialogues and here i present my research..........

Ek ladki thi dewani si. Ek ladke pe woh marthi thi. Nazrein jukhake, sharmake, galiyon se guzarti thi. Chori Chori, chupke chupke, chittiya likha karthi thi. Kuch kehna tha shayad usko, jaane kis-se darthi thi. Jab bhi milthi thi mujhse, mujhse pooncha karthi thi, ki pyar kaise hota hai, yeh pyar kaise hota hai.

Kuch kuch hota hai
Anjali, hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marthe hai. Shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai, aur pyar ..... kuch kuch hota hai anjali ...... tum nahi samjogi.

Dilwale Dulhaniya lejayenge
Mein tumhe chin-na nahi chahta Simran, mein tumhe paana chahta hoon. Mein aankh churakar nahi, aanth milakar tumhe le jana chahta hoon. Mein aaya hoon to apni dulhaniya ko le kar hi jaaonga. Ab to sirf doli ut-ne ki dher hai.Dilwale dulhaniya ko lekar hi jayenge, kyon ki badi badi desho mein choti choti baatein hote hi rehte hai.

Chalte Chalte
Meri aankhon mein dekho aur kehdo ke tumhe nahi lagta ke hum dono ek dusre keliye bane hai. Kehdo ke jab mein tumse door jaata hoon tum mujhe palat kar nahi dekhti. Kehdo ki jab main tujhe chuta hoon to tumhe kuch nahi hota. Meri aankhon mein dekho.... mere kareeb aao, aur paas, aur paas.

Kal ho na ho
Mein aankhen bandh kartha hoon to tumhe dekhta hoon, aankhen kholta hoon to tumhe dekhna chahta hoon. Tum paas nahi hooti to tumhe chaaro taraf mehsoos karta hoon. Har pal, har ghadi, har waqt, mere naina meri naina ko dhoondthe hai. Ise pyar kaho, pagal-pan, ya dil ki dhadkhan, ek hi to baat hai. Mein tumhe zindagi-bhar pyar karoonga, marte dum tak,.... aur uske baad bhi.

So my fellow bloggers, pick one from this or quote a better one that would make me locally rich and famous while i prepare for the screen test.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Heads or Tails

Last few weeks have been very disturbing. What I thought would be a simple decision doesnt look like it. I have a career face to face and there are two roads, two very different roads that wouldnt converge. I have been contemplating over this from quite sometime with my mom and dad has just been a listener on either side. Burnt over which one is best for me and which one to pick, I mailed my dad and shook him to break the silence and speakout. Like a gentleman, he gives me this song and asks me download and liste. After a few mouse clicks, after a few pages, after a few broken links, when i listened to it, i was so touched, moved, and delighted over his silence, intelligence and everything.

You can download the song here , and if you are listening, do it along with the lyrics here

I have changed the template back to the old one as many felt that the new guy was a little confusing. I´ll stick around this untill i find a better one.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brand New Look!!

Firstly, I want to thank two people for this brand new look.
1) viewer who inspired me to change the look. She made a thorough search for a the sites that provides custom made templates for blogspot, as i was paranoid about the change screwing up my archives( thats what happened to my last blog). She gave me a hazar links, then we short listed and converged on a template. But, unfortunately it didnt sound happening when i put it up; so i switched back to the stock one. But thank you for all your effort and kick starting the idea. I hope you like this one.
2) Galnextdoor for changing my mind again and wraping the stock page. She gave me a new set of links but only some were custom made. I arbitly clicked on this page and i liked at the very first look. The screw up was, it was not for blogger. I had to go through the painful code, get to know it (and im html ignorant, that made it suck, even more), and make appropriate changes. But galnextdoor was there on a window beside almost throughout and keeping an update. I guess i would have givenup if she wasnt there. She made some valid suggestions and helped me select a pic and also converted the pick to black n white (i didnt have photoshop). A decent amount of credit goes to her for all this and ofcourse, tagging along.

Secondly, how do you like this template? I wouldnt have put all the efforts if it wasnt the one of its own kind. Had to alter quite a bit, make it fit to what i prefer, had to think of something innovative to change the plain dull look of it, and mann, its a pain in the arse if dont know the damn language. Its not difficult but what you need is patience which i ran out of. Yeah, i liked this one because it make you use a keyboard to browse instead of a mouse click (nostaligia .... those dos machines). This idea kicked me and i went ahead groping, but it worked. This might not be friendly to some, as most of us are pampered by the mouse. I agree its a little confusing to browse through, but doesnt it give you a mystic feel? Isnt this unique?
You can be brutally frank and tell me if its troublesome, i can always get back to the stock!

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