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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad luck ho to aisi

Poor Pakistani Mahmood Hamid, who was born today played just a single one-day international for his country, against Sri Lanka at Sharjah in 1994-95, in which he was run out for one. The man at the other end? That great athlete Inzamam-ul-Haq.
Happy Birthday Hamid miya.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shucks ..... Bollywood sucks!

I tried seeing two movies in the weekend. The first one- pathetic, Second- mother of all patheticism (my contribution to english dictionary).

1) Bluffmaster - Shamelessly flicked from a wonderful movie called Matchstick Men (Nicholas Cage). I the moment Ritesh Deshmukh tried conning Abhishek, I knew this was matchstick men. From then on, i predicted every move, every con, every damn character. I would say its a sin to compare Abhishek´s acting over Cage. There are a couple of flaws in bluffmaster, and if at all Sippy Jr had seen Matchstick men with his cells charged, he would have been smart.

2) Neal n Nikki- There we go, again chori maal, no one could have insulted "My Sassy Girl" better than whoever the director of Neal n Nikki is. My Sassy Girl is one of the all-time-best korean movie, a brilliantly made love story lavished with humour to the brim. When I personally saw the movie, was speechless at the sheer brilliance of the director. The movie struck the deepest strings of the heart. But, sadly Neal n Nikki has f*cked it up big time. I couldnt even sit through 30 mins of it. Unwanted, pathetic bollywood antics which are so mediocre even in dreams has been cheaply displayed (and im refering to the first 30 mins- i really dont know what he has made of it in the rest of the movie). Aaarrghhh.... the less i write, the better it is.

Bottomline: Instead of wasting money on such uselessness, donate it to charity, get yourself a decent lunch, or even go buy a booze or dozens of fags. But if havent seen matchstick men, may be consider bluffmaster; Neal n Nikki, dont even think.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My christmas vacation

I spent my chistmas vacation touring one of the beautiful, wonderful,breath-taking, heavenly gorgeous, divine (does the bell ring divya ?) part of germany, the state of bayern. It was ten day long holiday, and i stayed at a very close friends place. I realised only the 10th day that, why she loves the place so much. Further, i will leave you with the imagery that talks a thousand words. Find them here

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Falling in Love

My trip to south germany was more prodigious than imagined. A comprehensive set of experiences and visits, surely did get refreshed mentally and physically. I would follow this up in the next post, but for now I put up something that I wrote on my way back from south.

He: (Stopping her way) Can you prove pythagerous theorem in two steps?, and dont use any equations or numerals.
She: (Pulls out a pen and stretches her palm scribbles a triangle with a square on each of its edge and refits the smaller two in the bigger one)(with a shivering voice) now please let me go,..... sir!

He: (barely trying to walk dashes into her) Oh!.... hi!How are you?
She: I didnt know that mechanical engineering was so lame that it gets its students to drowsily drip in sleep even after the class and sleep walk in the canteen.

He: This canteen is brightly lit, over crowded and not-in-the-least-bit-salivating. How about the restaurant round the corner?
She: I´ll drive you there and we will dutch.

He: Whats your favourite film?
She: This might sound a bit pretentious but I think film as a medium is nowhere near as expressive as a novel. Having said tha I must admit a distinct liking for Casablanca.

He: What did you think of me the very first time we met?
She: A bastard senior and a grumpy old sod who enjoyed ragging freshers, a totally wrong person to get an admission in the one of the best engineering schools, shameless enough not to let off the hook even after preparing a disconsolate face as a sort of protest.

He: Do you believe in platonic friendship?
She: No. Platonic friendship is the moment between when you meet and your first kiss. Don´t appalaud, I didnt say that.

He: What´s the weirdest thing you´ve ever thought?
She: If there are infinite parallel universes, containing all the alternate decisions i could have made, how my life would have turned if I´d not chosen engineering.

He: Its ok girl, things happen. Is there anything that I can do?
She: I wish if god gave you the super power to turn back time. Now slap me out of this.

He: Do you love me?
She: I love you so much that when I think about how I feel about you my brain cant begin to comprehend it. It´s exactly like infinity. I dont understand it it, but those are the limitations of my love.

Between the first question to the last was a period of about fifteen months.

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