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Monday, February 20, 2006

I am psychotic.... are you?

One simple answer to a not so simple question might be quite a resolute in realising if you are a threat to society. I am, and thats the precise reason for my country men to throw me out to this nazi land.
A friend of mine gave me this test over a conversation. A test to determine if you house the psychopath inside.
The Question: My mother died and at her funeral I saw this handsome guy among the guests who attended. Even the strong current of sorrow after losing the hands that cuddled me twenty long years that was flowing in my viens couldnot stop me from falling in love with him. After a year I killed my twin sister. Why do you think I did that?

Before reading further I want you to answer this question in the comment box. You can see the answer here.
Ahem ahem .... are you like me?

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The bastard me

Tim is a friend of mine, more so a student majoring in music, more so an amazing guitarist who own fingers as sharp as a knife that runs between the strings, and has a career oozing with fame and glory.
Picking up the phone `How is it going man?´ i asked, not really wanting to hear the answer. I´ve gone overboard with my admiration over the past couple of months and i knew that he was doing really great. With lots of things piledup, I wasnt in the right frame of mind for Tim, or to be more accurate, I wasnt in the right frame of mind to hear he´d had an excellent week.
`Great really cool´ he enthused. `You know we´d been demoing new material in Stuttgart for the last couple of months? Well, its all finished now: Just a little bit of polish and our first single will be ready to be unleashed. The press officer reckons we´ll create a buzz with it.´ `Yeah´ I said, trying to imitate sincerity but falling far short of the mark. I´ve always wanted to have a career like him, tapping away the world with my notes on the guitar. I can effortlessly measure the thick dirt sitting on my guitar in the corner of the room. Its beyond the bounds of my memory to recall when I pluck those strings. I really wanted to takeup music seriously but my conscious constantly reminded me not to be killing myself, putting all this energy into something so hopelessly futile as a band. Its not this where the genius of making money securely lay, and in my latest incarnation of what i am, it isnt easy to find out either. He was surely blooming into his music when I had faded out thinking that 1% of musicians make money and on the contrary 99% of engineers make money. So, I chose the easier way to bread a happy life.
`How are things with you and John?´ I asked.
`Couldnt be better, my friend´ he said.
He was lying. He and John, the key-board player had been fighting with alarming regularity for the last couple of weeks. He had told me about this earlier, and soon realised he might see a deadlock. Having not to embarrass him, `Oh,´ I sad casually, but not all that casually.
`Oh what?´ said Tim cooly - his interest piqued.
Now this was the time not to be complacent about it, `Fifteenth letter of the alphabet. Atleast I think so,´I said. I didnt need to say any more. My job was done, now that he wasnt quite smug anymore. He paused again, more than a little embarrassed, and fired a diversionary question intended to win back the point lost by my earlier volley. `So anyone new in your life?´ Whether I´d had someone new in life or not, felt like conjuring up the perfect women instantly, just to deny him the moment of self-satisfaction. However, as fate would have it, there was no need to break the truth when i knew that he had been recently dumped by his girl friend, so shot back ` Forget mine, tell me, its you who is happening. have you found anybody?´ He realised bending the safe escape he politely said, `lets not talk about it man. I´ve put it behind and have no energy to digin.´
I know I can be such an asshole at times. Its not him, its the time that he called wasnt appropriate. My mind was all clumsy with tons of work to do, having one leg on the ground and the other in the coffin.
Moral of the story- Foresee or predict my mind before messing with me. I can be a real bastard.

PS: Just couldnt gather my focus on work.... so this was was vent

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Sunday, February 12, 2006


A) Its exactly been an year since I´ve started blogging (yeah, dont go by the archives.... i was blogging on another page before). Its been fun sharing my thoughts, my piss-offs, my passion, my music, and also it sometimes helped me to vent. I have found a world of friends through this blog, and some have grown so deep that i just cant think about sleeping without having a chat with them, even one-liners getting the nod. I havent met them in person, inspite they know me better than ones whom I dash into everyday. Thank you for virtually being with me always. This page has also put me out of boredom during the weekends and many evenings when i know not what to do. This page routes to many thoughts, musings, ramblings, expressions and hearts of others. I also need to appreciate everybody who have shared their two cents on my thoughts. Its been a roller-coaster ride.

B) Today is Nithya´s birthday. She has been counting every second for this day. Lets all wish her a very happy birthday.

C) I was late in catchingup with the Indo-pak series thats keeping many of them keen. When I was checking the Inzamam controversy happened to read this article. I actually havent seen how he was dismissed but from what I read, its the most unbiased bashing that a pakistani has written.

D) Yesterday I was blessed by one of the most memorable compliments of recent times. I was in a bus sitting in a four seater (the pairs facing one another) reading a recipe that i promised( a friend) when a lady happened to sit infront of me. After going through it I gently slipped it into my bag when I noticed she was a smiling at me and politely acknowledged it. She asked me why do you grow your hair(In english)? I was a little confused at her concern initially but recovered soon and told her that it was just out of passion; But why do you ask that, one in every 5 men in this city have long hair. She replied: Do you know that many women who have seen your hair would have cursed god for not having given them what you have. Myself being proud of mine have been sitting here and looking at yours from 5 minutes.

E) I grew old by yet another year day before. Bhumi was the first to wish me with a surprise and also the last one by wishing me before the clock struck twelve again. I was all excited to see my mom, sis and three month old nephew early in the morning on the web-cam. It was really sweet of Sheetal to join me for a late lunch (after making me wait for 2 hours). Otherwise it was very normal day. Yesterday a friend of mine made me a lovely cake, so it was like celebrating two consecutive days.

F) Lastly on completing an year of anonymity, I reveal myself. But beware before you accept it. This pic was shot just few hours before my birthday; after a long tiring day, my hair all haywire and a dirty bed. I showed it to my mom and she was on the verge of abandoning me. She called me a junglee, tarzan, what not. I showed it to my friend, she totally contrasted my mothers comments telling that I looked really good. You can have yours say. Check it here.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Once again......

I have been a little busy, well .. errr..... actually had nothing to post, rather didnt feel like updating. The easier option was to self declare a break. Now, the easiest way to get back is take a tag and thats what im doing :D

I have been tagged by Divya and Preeti .
I need to write 8 points about my perfect lover.
Rules of the game are …
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged(Im breaking this).
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex of the target : Female
My perfect lover:
(1) Should be tall and have a good figure.
(2) Should have good taste in music,movies,books. Listen to my sermons on guitaring.
(3) Should be a chatter box(im a good listener).... should know that im there at the end of every road.
(4) Preferably long hair. But allowing me to meddle with her hair is of prime importance.
(5) Should have a good sense of humour, and take surprises, cuz im full of it.
(6) Should know when to boss over and when not to, at the same time give me my space.
(7) Should spare a penny to the needy (including me ... lol)(i know this doesnt quite fit into the profile of a dream lover but still i wanted to mention).
(8) Should love her family more than me ( thats how i can be assured to be loved after we become a family ;-))

Anybody who reads this and havent taken the tag can go ahead. But i want Gnextdoor and Viewer to strongly consider it.

Any claimers suiting the profile? :-D

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