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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Im there too!

Back in november 2005 viewer came up with a fiction titled The Meeting(Part 1). The only mistake she did was the bracket part, she shouldnt have had typed-in "Part 1" because she never wrote the next/concluding part. Most of them who visited her kept enquiring time and again for an update that never cameup. She told me that she didnt get the continuity and the drive to write further and instead she asked me if i could come up with the second part. Inspite of warning her that I havent tried anything of that sort, she insisted me on giving it a shot (I shouldnt forget to mention the emotional blackmail that i was put through... ;)). But before reading my side of the story, you wouldnt you like the first part here.
Please make yourself comfortable to get to viewer´s scribblepad to read what I have scribbled.

PS: I beg mercy ..... this is my first try!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Gentlemen and Ladies
Bald headed babies
I have before you
To stand behind you
I want to tell you something
Of which I know nothing

There was a fathers meeting
For mothers only
The entry is free
But pay it at the door
Take your seats
And sit on the floor

One fine day
In the middle of the night
Two dead babies
Began to fight
Back to back
They faced each other
Drew out their swords
And shot each other.

This was uttered by confused me on the first day of my new school when a teacher asked me on stage to entertain the class. After I promptly finished, i heard a roar of laughter, saw the teacher all curled up..... you?

Music: Caught in a web- Dream Theater

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Copy Cats

I´ve been a keen follower of Paki music bands. Strings and Jal have worked on construstive fusion with western gadgets with desi raagas. I like the hindi rock bands because of the classical touch they add in the finishing notes. I was reading an article in which some of the great indian singers and musicians expressed their unhappiness with the music directors encouraging pakistani singers and music into bollywood. One of them quoted that "this is a land thats produced Lata mangeshkar and Md. Rafi and with an abundance of potential still in store, we dont need singers and music from outside". I would have completely agreed with this gentleman if our own brains had spiked some creativity and not shamelessly flicked paki music, without acknowledging the credit. This has been happening from decades and has constantly been unnoticed. Atleast by introducing them, the origionality would be conserved. It just doesnt stop at paki, but there have been countless subtle and intelligent but sometimes, downright shameless copying derived from country, english classic, jingle, blue, spanish, italian, tribal, raggea, club, dance and even rock. All the music directors, when I say all, yes, all including the genius pancham, s.d burman, rahman,.. any name that you mention. Infact R.D Burman has flicked quite a few english numbers. But some credit should be given to these guys for being clever to latch on to the old numbers (some dated back to 1930´s) which no-one could findout. But some extra-hyper-eccentric-sided characters like yours truly still exist, who can dig into all depths. A couple of years back, along with a friend of mine I searched for these so called inspired songs and ended up collecting as much as 300 songs!!!!
I have compiled and compressed a selected few pakistani/arabic and other popular chori maal. They are in real media format that you could play them in real player. And for your convenience i have mentioned the origional one and the hindi name in the title.
Download paki ones here and others here.
Please stop plagiarism!

Music: Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana

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Friday, March 03, 2006

The gods of guitar

This week I´ve been discussing a lot about music and guitaring. Spoke to a few people who are a part of an aspiring local band, people who listen to and follow rock. To my surprise many didnt know much about what they want to do. What shattered me was their ignorance of the existance of the best bands. I know that people who read this blog are not progressive rock lovers, but have you heard of John Mclaughlin, Dream theater? No? They neither. The situation is similar to an indian not knowing who Sonia Gandhi is, and if you are a part of a band and still dont know, then i wouldnt be surprised if you dont know who Mahatma Gandhi was. Well actually I wouldnt blame them completely. Dream Theater, One of the greatest bands you've probably never seen just blew through town and you probably missed them. They don't have any number one hits. Radio support of their music is almost nonexistent. The only time you'll see them on the cover of a magazine is if it's a publication dedicated to musicians rather than popular music. So why is that they have a rapid fan following and many of the musicians in the more mainstream acts cite them as influences? It's simple, really: Dream Theater is a collective of musical deities. Individually, each of the members easily makes most "top 5" lists for being the best at their particular instrument. In terms of technical ability, they are second to none. They are looked upon as absolute masters of their craft. Mike Portnoy, the drummer has won the best progressive rock drummer award 10 years in a row!!! He has been a legendary drummer in the business. John Petrucci, the guitarist is considered as one of the best guitarist in the world. He plays the twin guitar effortlessly and you wouldnt even know when he jumped from one octave to another. Its really sad that after having achieved so much, they still have a small population of listeners, when the front row is completely taken by the not so talented popular music guys. When it comes to John Mclaughlin, the king of guitaring, he pushes the virtuoso musicianship by all parts and brings forward flawless technical playing.
Anyway, the last time I´d had a sensible chat about guitaring was with a friend´s friend who had comeover from Munich last year. He has a wide knowledge in guitaring, being a guitarist himself. A very interesting person to talk to and we came up with the "worlds top ten" guitarists.
They are (our version)...
1) Jimi Page (Led Zeppelin)
2) Joe Satriani
3)Eric Clapton and John Mclaughlin (we had to give them both the third spot)
4)David Gilmour (he is my Idol, he is my inspiration who made me fall in love with the guitar)(Pink Floyd)
5)Steve Vai
6)Jimi Hendrix
7)John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
8)Eddie Van Halen
9)Slash (Guns n roses)
10)Randy Rhodes

I feel like I still have missed out a many, just managed to restrict myself to ten.
If you havent heard them, please do it NOW. If aerosmith, coldplay, metallica, nirvana are humans then these guys are gods, atleast when it comes to technical!!

Music: The Dance of Maya - Mahavishnu Orchestra

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