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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Home coming

Yes, Im coming home. Im coming to Bangalore, my city. I dint know that I would visit home so soon. Everything happened in a whisker and I had to make myself believe that I´ll be going to India in a week. Stepping my foot on my homeland on 11th midnight(rather 12th early), I hope to have a good time. It shall be a hectic trip as i would have to work from home too. I´ll also be flying to delhi (tentative date- 15th april) for a couple of days on an official visit.
Before leaving I have so much to do. Dont really know if i can manage everything. I guess i needed this trip.... Had to visit my insurance company earlier today, and by chance my eyes spotted the weighing machine when i was scanning the place. To my early morning shocker dose, I have gone down by EIGHT friggin kilograms in two months!!! The feeling of my negligence towards health in the recent times always ran through my subconcious but never knew it was so bad. I agree that i´ve been skipping meals, working late, sleeping less and also there has been this tension of getting things done and career been there. When I audited my body in front of the mirror, was convinced that I have physically gone down. Anyway, Im coming home and sure of getting all charged in this quasi-holiday, and come back, not with eight, but sixteen extra kilos!! My mom and food awaits me.
Another not-so-happening news is that my lambe-ghane-baal will be chopped soon; to be precise either on 14th or 15th april. After bargaining with my family, they will showcase my long hair for the first 3 days and then they´ll be mercilessly chopped. Please express your condolences.
Yeah, not to forget, I´d like to meetup all the bloggies around. Anybody in and around bangalore ? I know that prasad, preeti, nithya and akansha are in bangalore.... anybody else? Do get in touch people. Reach me at

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