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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

RISHABH it is !!

He whispers those pretty sounds and how his mouth rounds like the sounds were made for his mouth and that sound comes from none other than my six month old nephew. He was named on 30th of April. Rishabh, yes his parents would like to call him Rishabh. So, all of you who were waiting for it, Rishabh it is!
He is so handsome, tiny, cute and dangerously addictive. Do find him here. Time flew beyond the mach numbers when I was with him, for twenty days. Day before my sis went to her husband’s for good( and so did Rishabh) and the house is all empty. Some notes on the time we spent together:

  • I danced him to sleep and the very next day he played me to sleep.
  • He “loved” playing with my long hair.
  • I sing him a Chinese song, he laughs, sputters on my German song, smiles if I sing him an English and cries tongue out on a kannada number.
  • A major break though: I taught him how to crawl front. Yeah, im the master and have been acknowledged.
  • We go for a walk every morning. He thoroughly enjoys his ride on the pram.

Im pretty sure he will grow up to become a rock star. He likes Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Linkin park (just like me). We listen to it every afternoon.
But my dad is his best friend. He is so happy when he is with my dad. They can play through the day and not get bored. Occasionally my sis and I get jealous for the fact of having known that he hasn’t cuddled either of us. He is sure of getting pampered. Such a charm to be with him, I don’t want to get back now!

PS: I will be regular now and shall keep updating!

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