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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Summer Tunes

UPDATE: Please donot figure this write up to my once-disreputable-past-now-paling-into-anaemic-sickening-honour-pushing-my-completely-disgusting-present-profile! Not all parts of this post impose my deeds (rather dishonourable in thought and deed). Of late I´ve known that a lot of matured-nonmatured-people who dont know me-who know me-yet not know me-17 year to 45 year- read my blog. I wanted to delete this but i decided to keep it. If u think talking a little raunch, sleaze, sex is forbidden, then dont read any further- halt. This might be a taboo subject to you! Most importantly, I DONT CARRY MY LIBIDO ON MY SHOULDERS. I might be a twerp but not a sexist-ego-centric-bastard. Ive written what I and everybody who have their retinae intact have seen. And its not that I go in search of naked-minimal clothed women. I am yet to visit a table-dance-joint in the neighbourhood and amsterdam which is an hours drive, while every graceful sob on this earth fly-drive miles to visit these for the sake of concupiscence. I shall do it if and when i need to. I had to write these in red after a confrontation and debate on what ive written with a cousin, a friend and a person whom i dont know at all. And those who have already read it and sighed a disgust, thanks for coming over again. Most importantly, I dont blog for everybody!

Summer has been brutal this year. After fighting the Indian summer, I’m yet to survive another summer: The European summer. My sweat glands have been working over time. To learn that cool breeze is blowing over Chennai doesn’t make me any better. The Bangalore summer was much better by leaps. Which ever retard said Indian summer is the knife edge *sigh*. I’m sitting here, in front of the machine bare chest with only boxer shorts covering my skin. The sweat trickles past my sidelocks to the chin. My armpits drip. The diaphoresis continues. This gets worse over the day. The infra-red part of the ultra-band from the sun starts heating the ground as early as 4.30 AM. Yes, you have read it right; the sun rises at that time. This relentless phenomenon of radiation gracing our peripherals continues to hyperbole till 11 PM or 23.00 hrs!!!! Which means we are spared only five-n-half hours of no sunlight!! The assault takes the toll at around 7 in the evening (that’s roughly fourteen hours of sunlight burning things up), and my table clock promptly ticks past 7.15. If at all you want to drive back home from work, open all the doors of your car as soon as you get to it, start the engine, stretch your arms to the climate control and switch it on full throttling the blower and get out of the furnace. After 2 minutes, close the doors and meanwhile send an SMS or play a game or take a peek at the long legs that extend below the mini-shirts. Now you can get into the car and drive home without getting mashed by the superheated greenhouse gases.
Amidst all these, one thing that gives me immense pleasure is the chicks. They walk around with those snazzy minimal clothes, displaying the newly tanned thighs and bare skin as they pull men towards them like moths to a flame. I step into the bus everyday to see the chicks sit with artful carelessness that one can visually measure how deep their cleavage run. If you get a seat and sit down, within seconds you can pick a girl and say which color panty she is wearing effortlessly. And your eyes are on a feast if she had decided not to wear one.
I have to walk through a very popular park called west-park to visit a friend (I was living in the same building before), and I did that a couple of days back. I enter the park and tens of bare tits glare knocking my eyes, inviting them to take a peek. The clothes go off as the sun set in – welcome sun bath. It saves your pockets; tanning centers are pretty expensive. When I was new to this country, I used to get embarrassed walking past them, saving and enhancing the image believing it to be indecent to look at them. Later I realized I was the only dud who did that. Now I derive pleasure of walking past that mob. Okay, let me stop it here before I get more raunchy. I haven’t treated my readers with such kind of writing before. All the hidden summer slumber just came out and I didn’t refrain. Sorry people. All you guys enjoy the monsoon while I get barbecued under the sun. Thanks for surviving my hyperbole.

Music: Mozart- Rondo alla truca

PS: I procastinated this post over a week. So please map yourselves respectively.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This was at a resort that i visited near bangalore, its green valley restorts if im not wrong (cant remember cuz i visited a couple more :D) !!!
I, along with my cousins couldnt resists ourselves from a tummy ache!!

More tummies roll!!!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Done with fever

The whole country fell to silence and i could hear it. Germany lost to a better team creating history. Italians were the first to beat germany in Dortmund, a feat that took 71 years to achieve.I have been following FIFA from when I was a kid, i´ve know people who were following football from years. I still remember the 1998 world cup when Zidane surged into heroism to defeat Brazil and take away the world cup. If im not wrong the matches used to start at 1 AM, when me and my uncle used to sit up and see each and every match. I had daily tutions, where u could find me happily dozing to dreeamland. Get criticized and yelled by my mom for not having attending the tution. The football virus surely was kicking my blood vessels never gave an ear. I was all in support for France and he, brazil. I celebrated the victory then, while the brazilians let down my uncle. I could see in his face frustrated, and depressed he was to see his boys lose, and today i am all frustrated and depressed to see my boys lose. Uncle has been supporting Italians this time and this loss goes to him. Im sure he will be celebrating at the other corner of the world.

Coming back to the match, the germans didnt play to their potential....

  • The first draw back was Frings having asked to sit out cuz of the penalty. We surely missed him. Kehl was no-way a replacement for Frings.
  • The start had always been the key for germans. The germans known for their attack, got it back from the defense-strong team. Italy fiercely rushed trhough germans the first half.
  • Podolski, who is contesting for the best player of the tournament couldnt find his leg. He wasnt picking the boosts properly and dispelling either.
  • Substituting Schweinsteiger for Borowski was a lame-ass idea. Schweinsteiger is a much better player than Borowski.
  • Repeated errors from Borowski in passing, kicking, and picking the ball and tag a yellow card for the foul he dent.
  • The germans just couldnt clutch on to the boosts, rather could i say they gave bad/untakable boosts.
  • A fatal error made by Ballack before the half time might have costed a goal. He failed to charge in to an uncovered area. If at all, it would have been a lollypop.
  • One more from Podolski, he missed an easy header sending it way wide.
  • All the wrong men were in the right places. Freidrich got to shoot two and missed them, and Schneider a couple.If it were Klose or Podolski, they would have popped atleast one.
  • Substituting Klose was a bad idea. He was making some terrific passes and was at his peak, as has been right through the tournament.
  • The germans could resist the Italians for the 119 minutes mostly because of Phillip Lahm, he defended beautifully.
  • The Italians were unlucky to hit the post and the bar. Technically, they deserved those goals.
  • Pirlo had elastic legs on rollerblades today. He powered the ball right from the word go. His lighting passes and attempts, the way he cut through the german defense deserve apalauds and was rightly named the man of the match.
  • Gilardino´s substitution worked like a knife in the butter. He dispatched all his enegry but was unfortunate to have missed a goal narrowly.
  • The attacks as soon as whistles pscyhologically helped the Italians boosting the confidence.
  • Grosso and Zambrotta covered the germans tactfully, snatching away the possession.
  • All the substitutions made by Italy were forwards. That was brilliant. You wont substitute two midfielders like the germans when there are no goals scored. Asamoah was a better choice to Odonkor, he atleast has the experience and has had a dream run in the leagues.
  • Totti was surging well ahead the D. That was a plus.
  • The only problem with the Italians were the offsides and bad passes over the midfield for the forwards. But what the hell, they won.

In the end its was disappointment for me so see the world cup dreams of the people around me die. A triumph awaited since 16 years. Their emotions guttered, and so did mine. I have got over, but these guys will take a while. I have never seen germans so low touching the deck. It really hurts me to see them like this, damn!! germany should have won. I know that italians would have mourned and have had same feelings if they had lost. Atleast i wouldnt have had a touch and feel about that. Anyway,germans have to be proud of themselves, they have had a dream run this world cup.The league matches that they played from a year has been mediocre.Inspite,our boys evolved from under dogs to the favourites, this itself being a rare feat. But spirit of the game is still conserved. Italians were better today, keep up the job guys!

Music: Dave Matthews Band- Sympathy for the Devil

PS: Sorry for all those who dont follow football. Getting till here must have been an effort and boring

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Berlin.. Berlin... Wir fahren nach Berlin!!

Which means, Berlin... Berlin... We are going to Berlin. To goal into the finals of the FIFA worldcup 2006 and not let the cup out of germany. This was the only tune that reverberated in my ear drums for the whole of friday evening along side the river Rhine in cologne. Football fever soaring high; the quarter final witnessing Germany take over Argentina, the two best teams that has performed in this world cup. It couldnt have got bigger than this.

Over forthy thousand people from all parts of NRW gathered at the giant screen bracing the german tri-colours, cheering the boys in white and black. The above pic captures less than one-third the crowd that gathered.

Die Deutsche mannschaft, fußball and weltmeister are the 3 key words that people are talking about in the train, in the bus, at the bus stop, in the offices, work station, while walking by the road, at the super market..... the fever is just there in the air and its terribly contageous. I have been hit vividly, starky, brutally hard by this and the mercury is soaring.

Just after the game started in the second half, Roberto Ayala who has played more than a 100 games for his team and only scored 6 goals, scores his most important goal at the 49th minute with a header from a corner shot.... the crowd goes dead. This pcture was shot just after the goal.

Everybody which included me as i painted the germany colours on my cheeks, was pensive... that lady with a Ballack T-shit was cheering for her hero. Klose rescues Germany in the 80th minute of the game with a header that turned into a score for Germany, we took a deep breath. That left the match to be settled by penalties, and it was Jens Lehmann who proved the hosts’ hero, saving from both Ayala and Esteban Cambiasso, while Oliver Neuville, Michael Ballack, Lukas Podolski and Tim Borowski all successfully dispatched their spot kicks past Argentina’s substitute goalkeeper Leo Franco. The game was an exciting one with both teams trying to advance to the finals but it was germany at the end who won out on the penalties.

Ive never seen sports-fanatic-crazy people.These guys integrate even the infinitesimals of the game. We stopped the test-benchs, the creaking machines, the running bios fans, ...... work, family, happiness, worries, solance, life, everything comes to halt here preparing to see the German players kick the ball.

I took a video from my friends digi-cam after germany kicked Argentina´s arse. Witness youself the football crazy populus!

If you cant see this video get yourself here

Music: Smooth Jazz - Slash - Spanish Guitar-Obsession Confession (Have been hooked on to this song)

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