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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knowing Preeti

Long long ago, but not so long ago, i had promised Preeti to write a post on our encounters. From complete strangers four months ago we are one of the coolest good friends today. The first time I spoke to her on phone she threatened to eat me up for having been in the city for two weeks and not having called. We decide to meet up the next day and subconscious gets into an estranged superficial simulation of a boss. Being the brave soul I am, I ask her to get A (anonymity intended and asked for) to get a cover, but hear that A has other(/better ;)) plans. I was late and I knew that. I was asked to look for a girl in a pink top eagerly displaying my khakis and a blue sleeved adidas. A girl in a black top walk towards me blushing and weaving looks. Totally confused I point my finger towards her “Are you preeti?”, and she grunts “No im A”. I turn for a tap on my shoulder I see a simple girl with a black salwar and my eyes still looking that pink top. We introduce ourselves and head towards “Ballal Residency” where preeti had promised a treat. She turns out to be sling shot backfired to what I thought she would be. Didn’t utter a word, and it was all of me n A doing the talking. On insisting her to talk, she utters a few like a miser. After making the pretty women walk the street for almost an hour we settle in a lounge and preeti is still silent. I call her that night to apologize on being a bad company but she insists on meeting again. I meet her again with A at my nephews naming ceremony. I didn’t realize they were around for a long time and when I see them, this lady opens her mouth and says “Anjan, you the busiest person in this hall. Carry on, we are comfortable”. Couldn’t talk anything else with them that day. She was the simple, serene, soft spoken executive till she encouraged and assisted a prank if u want to read it. Like the way my eyes couldn’t believe Greece winning Euro 2004, I couldn’t believe my ears- it was preeti who possessed potential to such antics. Nevertheless we meet up yet again (alone this time) and preeti talks and talks and talks and talks. This time a monologue from the other end. And ya, I get a gift from her; Lord Ganesha sitting in a mantap and now it’s a part of our guest room in Bangalore. It was a fun ride on successive phone conversations and meet ups. From being a simple girl to a notorious prankster, nagger and a critic, the biggest miser Ive ever come across, she has been all the bad things. At the same time she is has been very caring, practical and serious. I wouldn’t forget the last day in Bangalore, she helped me buying and carrying the ready-to-eat food packets, getting other things done, getting ma rucksack from my aunts house, I wouldn’t have packed them without her as mom n sis were sick. Thanks a bunch preeti. And yeah, I was the elite special person to get to know that she was getting married and the rest of the gang got to know much later. We kept it all secret till her engagement. Today she is happily married to Moons (that’s what she calls him ;)). A wonderful friend, a charming personality, she loves her family, treasures her friends and now a complete woman (aka aunty- sorry I had to do this). Its been pretty amazing knowing her from a simple shy girl, to a prankster, to a friend, to a friend in need, to a close friend, to a married woman. Lets wish her a wonderful married life ahead and she will surely rock.

PS: Ive been telling preeti that I´ll write this from 3 months, pheeew!- finally I did it!

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