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Thursday, August 31, 2006

M for Mom; M for Marriage

Im the perfect example of a Mamma´s boy!
As per mom´s wishes on ganesh chaturthi,

  • I should eat NO meat(=chicken)
  • NO bewda-pan, thatz no alcohol... not even a drop of spirit! (which means no pub hopping - no socializing on friday evenings)

So I have taken an oath - Violating the above is a sin and I shall stand by the word I´ve given to my mom, who means the universe, the life( and death), everything to me. Ask me to jump off a cliff, I´d do it for you mom.... I love you!... This is a pic with mom during my sistersmarriage. Isnt she beautiful?

Ok... wipe your tears off and and lets talk about the other M I mentioned in my title....

I was generally going through my archives the other day and found this...

Carefully read the last comment on this post

Now whoever wrote that, are you listening - I am ready ;) !

Music: Scorpions - Holiday

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