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Friday, October 27, 2006

These are a few of my craziest things!

I am still alive. Lots of things happening around me and the lost enthu kept me out of writing. If u just sighed, thank a friend of mine who kept visitng this page and pushing me to update every day.

Some notes on few of the craziest things i´ve been doing in my absence
  • Roller blade to another country after the sunset, lose breath and call a friend to claim adventure.
  • Sleep and get up at all weird hours. 1 to 4 AM, 3 to 7 AM and once 5 to 11.30 AM to mention a few.
  • Party the whole of sunday evening, get to work directly from the pub and manage it with that just-got-hit-by-a-truck look and hiding bad breath with mints and the likes.
  • Crash into the ladies wash room escorting a drunk girl, witness the litter of the ladies room for the first time and just manage to escape without getting mugged.
  • Spend as much has seven hours talking and listening; timing brain storming, hogwashing, debating, argueing, almost everything.
  • Making and fulfilling promises that i ever thought will do.
  • Agreeing to cook carrot halwa for 10 desi´s on diwali. Getting started with all guns initally, screwing it up miserably and then reverse engineer to what went wrong, further undergoing a rigouraous process(2.5 hrs) fixing it; finally celebrated the triumph with reverberating accolades from my peers who got lucky to get it melt in their mouth. Divya, this is for you.

In short, its been one hell a ride!

Music: So jaoon mein- Woh Lamhe

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