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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Farewell notes

The English below is archaic. Dont read, but grunt.

I kissed the angel of darkness and death embraced me. Always was I, spotting dark spots in bright light, perfection I asketh. It wouldst not perfect, ne’er. Raised my soul, strained every nerve, thine perfection to remove, brick by brick laid I. Around me, I wrought mine walls for aye. Four walls, one roof, no windows, sith blood-sweat-and-tears. Perfection saw I- darkness, thus unflawed and unerred I troth. Thence appeared in my house, the angel of darkness, thou wast pristine. The house of perfection. This house is dark and dreer, doth no light shines from far or near. Sick was the angel lest yet blest. Sewed by synthetic happiness thine, angel, disturbed was my perfection. Cede I my heart, for what, ken I not. Angel, I dint no harm, I fey myself. I laud to scribe thee life, thee laud death. Didst mine foray mere tragedienne. Yet who the hell was I to dare? Wondrous grief groweth in my spright. Prest to death my eyne ween. Quaint thee angel, poureth thine love. Driegh’d I hold thee, forgive my yore. See egal, only darkness. Slow poison calleth. Farewell angel. Still, daringly cling I on to this sinsyne. Hauthy I am now, for thee angel, quell. I, the master of tragedies. Angel, riddance synthetic happiness, willst I dwell in scorn. Riddance me. Every time thou chidest, not I but. I beg, do na chide. I beg, quit synthetic. Doth the wecht burthen thee? Then bethink thine afterthought. Angel, don’t destroy thyself. ‘Come not to this couth evil, lest to a devil thou wilt translate, my angel. Come to me hell´s funeral, I shall cure . I let the angel go. The angel left, suffer me to transfix thee. I travail in my house. Darkness perfection. O god! I built no house, it’s a tomb. Angel left, O darkness, don’t leave me.

I wanted to write something multi dimensional in my last post. Im good at writing tragedy so it here it is. Yes, im quitting, may be forever. I guess this is my last post. Lot of stuff happening in my life. I know not where I am tomorrow. Of late the blog has become disturbing and been difficult to manage this place too. Kindof lost the drive. Better quit than being irregular. This space has given me many things, and taken away stuff too. Ive made friends for a life time here, a very special one too. You know who you are. I make no promise. I may come back. But it will take time, a lot of time. All the best to everybody reading this. I feel a little hurt to detach myself from this space, but I should do it. Amigos, Adieu!

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